Major Project
NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - Milano
October 2013

Project made with Gregorio Poggetti
Insiemi is a territorial branding project for the revaluation of the district identity, with the aim of improving the experience of living the city of Milan.

The study is focused on the role of business activities, in particular on their ability to influence flows of people in the city districts. The goal is to make Milan a city on a human scale. The project deals with every aspect of communication; it become more important with a view to Expo 2015 and for the need of promote tourism and economy in the major world cities.

In order to rediscover the style and aesthetics that characterized Milan, it was necessary to visit and analyze not only the history of the business activities, but also the landmark buildings of the most important cultural periods. They often contain architectural elements that go unnoticed to the eyes of many who live in the city with a hectic lifestyle.